Friday, 18 April 2014

Take Care of Her by Michael Hill


22nd December 1989: It had been sometime,
I hadn’t seen you, it was near Christmas time
You were taken into Newcross Hospital.

You were very ill, that’s the last time I saw you
At 7:00 clock that night we just arrived home
When the call came in from the hospital.

They told me Mother’s dead, I put down
The phone, drop it to the floor and walk out
The door, I when through hell

Thinking I’ve need see you again,
We knew you felt your life was coming to
An end 

Those letters they sent me never reached me, we’ll never
Walk through Green fields again or watch the leaves
Fall from the trees,

You said that you wouldn’t go but you did,
The progress report came in that night, we thought
You pulled through but you hadn’t

You passed away alone, couldn’t get
To the phone.

I felt bad about the row we had, never had
The time to put things right with you: that
Broke my heart...

There’ll come a time we’ll see each other again but until
That day comes; God and his angels will take care of you
They’d got my job. 

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